Maxwell Biotech Group currently has 9 biotech companies in its portfolio, which are engaged in the development of 11 innovative clinical stage drugs. 



Maxwell Biotech Group (MBG) is a development partner and financial resource for biotechnology companies.

MBG provides investment capital and access to an established infrastructure for conducting high-quality clinical trials in Russia, and helps enable the rapid and cost-effective achievement of clinical objectives. Our unique business model can add value to our partners’ pipelines and provide a commercialization path to one of the most lucrative emerging markets. MBG relies on an experienced international team of managers and financial and industry experts, with representatives in Boston (USA).

Maxwell Biotech Group consists of three major parts:

Sources of capital

Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund is the first Russian venture fund fully dedicated to investments in the life sciences sector. Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund is managed by one of the leading Russian financial firms, Maxwell Asset Management, that has engaged a team of professionals with decades of experience in healthcare, biotechnology and investment banking industry.

Portfolio companies

Maxwell Biotech Group is investing in product development companies
specializing in specific therapeutic areas or medical devices.

MBG has 7 biotech companies in its portfolio, with 9 innovative
clinical stage drug candidates in development:

Hepatera (liver diseases), NeuroMax (CNS diseases), Infectex
(infectious diseases), Eleventa (asthma, allergies and respiratory
diseases), Osteros Biomedica (bone cancer), OncoMax (oncology
diseases), Photonics (laser systems for surgery of soft and hard

Support groups

MBG Clinical Operations group manages clinical trials on Russian territory leveraging a huge resource of Russian clinical centers and physicians that have over the years conducted hundreds of studies sponsored by global biopharma companies and produced results fully compliant with FDA and EMEA standards. MBG Analytics is a group of analysts that evaluates market potential of products, provides competition analysis in various therapeutic areas and assists startups with preparing business plans. MBG Expert Network includes numerous experts and advisors, both in Russia and in the US and Europe, in a variety of disease areas, as well as legal, IP and regulatory advisors.MBG seeks companies with innovative products all over the world and invests in them through financing and conducting clinical trials. In addition to making investments on its own, MBG is actively pursuing joint investment opportunities with many venture funds in North America, Europe, Israel, Australia and other parts of the world.

Maxwell Biotech Group key investment sources:

  • Network of relationships with Western biotechnology companies actively developed through our management and advisors
  • Numerous sources of innovation in scientific institutes and private companies based on decades of research and development experience
  • Readily available human capital, including excellent scientists and entrepreneurs

Product Pipeline

Development Preclinical studies Phase 1 Phase 2-3 Approval Partner
Myrcludex B



Diabetic polyneuropathy

BioNevia Pharmaceuticals
Timapeprant (OC000459)



MDR/XDR tuberculosis


Bone metastases

MBC Pharma

Neuropathic pain

Aquilus Pharmaceuticals

MDR/XDR tuberculosis

Qurient Co

Dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis


Glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer

Monoclonal antibody OM-RCA-01

Kidney cancer

Modular laser system

Surgery, periodontit

Dental Photonics

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