Maxwell Biotech Group currently has 9 biotech companies in its portfolio, which are engaged in the development of 11 innovative clinical stage drugs. 


http://www.journal-of-hepatology.eu/article/S0168-8278(16)30148-9/pdf Background & Aims The therapeutic option for patients chronically infected with hepatitis delta virus (CHD) is limited to interferon alpha with rare curative outcome. Myrcludex B is a first-in-class entry inhibitor inactivating the hepatitis B and D receptor sodium taurocholate co-transporting polypeptide. We report the interim results of a pilot trial on chronically infected
http://www.journal-of-hepatology.eu/action/showFullTextImages?pii=S0168-8278%281…   Background & Aims Myrcludex B is a first-in-class compound, which blocks entry of hepatitis B and D virus into hepatocytes in vitro and in animal models. Based on the required preclinical data we aimed to translate this compound into the first application in humans. Methods Single ascending doses of myrcludex B, a 47
http://ria.ru/nano/20131101/974221414.html Watch an interactive report by RIA Novosti about the exhibits at the exhibition “Open Innovations Expo”. Click the player buttons to learn about StLase modular laser system and other technological innovations.
http://www.vesti.ru/videos?vid=545752 Why do a businessman, an official, a student and an American professor who have come to Skolkovo need boots and a shovel? Which participant of Skolkovo is at the threshold of developing a new drug against cancer and why does the Innovation Center hide electric substations from seeing?
http://rt.com/programs/technology-update/medical-marvels-latest-tests/ Technology Update by Russia Today features Photonics invested by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund in its latest episode “Medical marvels” of Dec 28th, 2012. See more at rt.com
http://www.pharmvestnik.ru/publs/lenta/v-rossii/v-kompanii-gepatera-uvereny-chto… A biotechnology company “Hepatera” organized phase Ib-IIa clinical study of Myrcludex B in specialized clinical centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and Samara. According to the PR office of the company, the developed drug is a synthesized peptide chain, similar in structure to a membrane protein of hepatitis B. Due to this structure it
http://rt.com/programs/technology-update/new-november-biggest-pair/ This month innovators, financiers and government reps got together to spur growth and change at the first-ever Open Innovations Forum. Thousands of high-tech goodies were on display. Source: Russia Today
Source: NTV “In the morning”
Source: NTV “In the morning”

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